Content Marketing Strategies for Inward Investment Attraction

Attract and engage investing businesses online - with content that 'solves their location selection problems'.

Content Marketing involves the creation and continual online distribution of valuable and relevant content (e.g. text, data, graphics or video) to attract your target audience, engage their interest and, ultimately, win their business. 

In the context of inward investment promotion, Content Marketing should focus on the projection of your 'location solutions' for relocating or expanding businesses - relating to key factors including property, workforce and connectivity - in ways that are clear, accessible and genuinely useful for businesses developing location business cases. 

Clarity are the leading innovators in the application of Content Marketing strategies to the specific challenges of inward investment promotion. We focus on communicating the reliable location information and data business are really looking for utilising a range of impactful and accessible content formats, including:

Written Content

Clarity's expert copywriters combine in-depth commercial and technical knowledge of business location decision making, spanning a range of industry sectors, with specialist expertise in copywriting, editing and content optimisation - to attract investing businesses online.

Data Visualisation

Clarity understands that data relating to business key 'location choice drivers' are at the heart of corporate location decision making. Our online Data Visualisation solutions are 'live' (database linked) and interactive, bringing clarity and impact to your location data.

Creative Infographics

Videography & Photography

Clarity's professional videographers focus on the creation of impactful 'video blog' content, to project your location's key advantages for businesses utilising visual imagery, infographics, interviews and case studies. Our professional photographers help us to create high-quality, visually attractive websites and marketing collateral.

Interactive Location Mapping

Clarity's Interactive Location Maps combine in-depth knowledge of investor 'location choice drivers' with the latest internet mapping technologies. We create location mapping tools that are accurate, highly informative and user friendly - enabling prospective inward investors to discover and effectively evaluate your location.

Use one of Clarity's Interactive Location Maps here.

Clarity Interactive Location Maps - Key Features and Benefits

  • Google Maps Base Layer and seamless links to Google Maps, providing full internet mapping functionality
  • Optimised with Graphics Treatments to highlight key Assets (e.g. development sites or transport terminals) and Communications (e.g. roads or railways) while omitting unnecessary information or detail
  • Customisable Map Views - colour-coded map layers are overlaid programatically, representing different types of Assets or Communications. By clicking on the Map Key, information layers can be added or removed, to present only the specific information required by the viewer
  • Multiple Location Views - including National, Regional and Local, to present your location within its full geographical context
  • Embedded Map Views - fully functional maps can be embedded within your Agency or Partnership investment promotion website, or viewed as stand-alone web pages
  • User Friendly Map Key and User Interface - for easy map navigation and to present your location, assets and connectivity with maximum clarity
  • Future-Proofed Technology - easily updateable as Google Maps updates (or other, comparable web-based mapping tools)

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