Inward Investment Strategy

Clarity's comprehensive Inward Investment Marketing System enables Investment Promotion Agencies to stand out from competitor locations, nurture relationships with investing businesses and generate more inward investment leads.

Inward Investment Value Proposition Development

Your Inward Investment Value Proposition is your unique promise of value to expanding businesses, providing compelling reasons why they should select your location.

Through a structured, data-focused analysis of ‘location choice factors’, Clarity maps the identified needs of expanding businesses onto your location advantages, to develop your unique Inward Investment Value Proposition:

A. Location Choice Factor Analysis

B. Mapping Exercise & Value Proposition Synthesis

Ready to Share with Investing Businesses...

Clarity doesn’t just provide consultancy reports. We deliver ‘marketing ready’ Inward Investment Value Propositions – packaged and presented to share with investing businesses and intermediaries via your online Content Marketing campaigns and printed sales materials.

Brand Identity Development

Clarity develops brand identities that encapsulate location and industry sector value propositions - enabling inward investment agencies and partnerships to project clear, coherent and highly credible 'location solutions' to expanding businesses.

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