Inward Investment Marketing: No Website 'Calls to Action'? Would You Let Your Dream Date Walk Away So Easily?

Thursday 16 January 2014
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Imagine that you've just met the woman or man of your dreams. You've attracted them to you by looking great and sending out all the right signals. You've captured their interest with your fascinating, intelligent conversation. After a while they're enthralled by you; they want to get to know you better. It's clear that they want to take things further.

And then you just let them walk away. You don't ask them what they're called or whether you can have their phone number. You don't ask whether, maybe, they'd like to see you again. It's not that you're not interested. It's just that you, erm, forgot to ask.

That's what it's like when you don't optimise your Investment Promotion Website with effective 'Calls to Action'.

'Calls to Action' are carefully constructed messages and buttons that encourage website visitors to 'Contact' you, 'Subscribe' or 'Find out more'. They're designed to encourage investing companies to engage with you rather than just perusing your website (or other online content) and then just 'walking away' without a trace.

Too many inward investment agencies are playing 'hard to get'.

And you'd be amazed at just how many inward investment marketing websites are completely devoid of effective Calls to Action. It's as if the Agencies and Partnerships in question have gone to all the effort of creating online content purely for the fun of it, and aren't really bothered about investing companies contacting them at all! That's right - play hard to get! Let the businesses make the effort of digging out your 'Contact Us' page and filling in a form or picking up the telephone. Don't make it too easy for them!

Attracting, engaging and converting inward investment leads is what your website's for...

Highly optimised Calls to Action are, of course, an essential feature of effective Investment Promotion Websites. They're central to the website's function, which is to attract and engage inward investment leads, and convert them into prospects by encouraging them to engage with you. That act of engagement - clicking the button - can be the start of a wonderful long-term relationship, leading to a landed inward investment.

Your location can, of course, choose to carry on playing 'hard to get'. But if it does, in an increasingly competitive global market for inward investments, it's more than likely that the engagement parties will be happening somewhere else.

Contact us today to talk about a highly optimised Investment Promotion Website for your location.
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