Key Sector Marketing: Logistics Hub UK Project, Sheffield City Region, UK

Wednesday 1 January 2014
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The Logistics Hub UK project was conceived and delivered by Clarity to promote the Sheffield City Region, focused on Doncaster's multi-modal 'logistics hub', to prospective inward investors in the logistics and distribution sectors.

Clarity planned and delivered a highly innovative Key Sector Marketing project, from partnership assembly to sustained content marketing (ongoing). The project included:

Assembly of an innovative private-public sector project partnership, including private sector funding contributions from some of the UK's leading developers:

Partnership funding ensured full engagement from the private sector partners, integrating the marketing activities of key companies, site developers and their agents with those of the Investment Promotion and Economic Development Agencies.

Research and development of a location and sector inward investment Value Proposition:

Applying our bespoke market position methodology, Clarity researched and developed a unique Value Proposition for the location and industry sector, to present a compelling and clearly differentiated regional offer to prospective inward investors.

Research and development of 'solutions-focused' marketing content:

Clarity undertook detailed research to identify the location choice drivers of target logistics-sector companies and the information and data they were likely to be searching for online. Using this information, we created 'solutions-focused' marketing content including text, data, images and video that addressed their needs directly.

Development and implementation of an Inbound Marketing Website and Social Media Platforms:

Incorporating content publishing and sharing functionality combined with optimised 'calls to action', the project website is designed to 'attract, engage and convert' prospective inward investors. The project's social media platforms enable the further sharing of targeted content with potential investors and intermediaries.

See the website and blog here.     See the LinkedIn company page here.
See the LinkedIn group here.       See the Twitter feed here.

Development of a project Brand Identity and Brand Assets:

Based on industry research and the Value Proposition developed for the project, Clarity produced a high-quality brand identity and supporting brand assets.

Development and delivery of an ongoing content marketing strategy, focused on the research, creation and publication of original online marketing content:

The ongoing creation, publication and sharing of high-quality content is key to effective attraction (SEO) and engagement of prospective inward investors. Clarity planned and continues to deliver a highly targeted and optimised content marketing strategy for the project.

Development of an Interactive Location Map for the project, incorporating the latest internet mapping technologies:

Clarity's Interactive Location Maps focus on usability, functionality and clear presentation of the specific location information investing businesses are searching for online. Clarity developed an interactive Map for the project highlighting the region's sites, transport terminals and infrastructure, presented via multiple regional views.

See the project's Interactive Location Map here.

Measurement and reporting of project marketing outputs utilising Analytics:

Within a very short period of time, the project generated extensive links with highly credible industry contacts, intermediaries and prospective investors. Clarity utilised Analytics to monitor campaign performance across all online platforms, as a basis for ongoing improvement and optimisation, as well as transparent reporting to the partnership.

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