Strategic Site Marketing: Advanced Manufacturing Park (AMP), UK

Monday, 30 December 2013
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Clarity has its origins in the delivery of the Advanced Manufacturing Park (AMP) as one of the UK's most successful strategic economic development projects.

Located in Sheffield, the AMP is the UK's pre-eminent manufacturing Technology Park. The site is now home to major Research and Technology Organisations and global companies including the Boeing Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC), Rolls Royce, Sandvik and TWI.

Rolls Royce Factory of the Future, AMP (c) Bond Bryan Architects

With lead responsibility for Business Development at the AMP, Nick Smillie (now Clarity's Managing Director) delivered:

  • A targeted and highly successful Sales and Marketing Strategy for the attraction of major inward investments
  • A major expansion of the site, including the development of almost 0.5 million square feet of new manufacturing and technology facilities
  • Attraction, project management and 'landing' of high-value inward investments from global OEM companies including Rolls Royce and Sandvik

'Nick's involvement in the early days of promoting the Advanced Manufacturing Park, in particular, transformed its delivery from aspiration to reality.'

Phil Roberts, Head of Inward Investment, British Chambers of Commerce; Senior Partnership Manager, UKTI Investment Services Team.

Contact Clarity today to find out more about this project and our our Strategic Site Marketing capabilities.

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