Inward Investment Marketing: Social Media Content is Important. Why you shouldn't leave it to the youngest person in the office.

Thursday 3 April 2014
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Here's a comment straight from the lips of a hundred (slightly older) Inward Investment professionals:

'We're very happy with our social media marketing. Johnny's got it all in hand. He's absolutely brilliant at it!'

Johnny is, of course, the Inward Investment team's Social Media Wizard. He's about twenty three, and he knows all about the mechanics of Twitter and Linked in: when to @mention and #hashtag, and which buttons to press. And Johnny is the reason why most inward investment agency social media feeds are an endless stream of utter rubbish (often seen gushing out onto agency home pages).

The problem is that Johnny knows all about the mechanics of social media marketing, but he knows nothing about the drivers of investing businesses or the information they're searching for online. And his product knowledge - of your location and its benefits - is the weakest in the office. Other members of the team, notably Inward Investment and Key Sector Managers, possess this knowledge, but don't translate it into social media content. Why? Because they aren't Social Media Wizards; Johnny is.

It's not hard to work out what's gone wrong here. Fear of new technology has caused the team's more experienced members to put Johnny on a pedestal, and it's affected their critical faculties. It's rather like appointing a printing machine operative as the editor of your specialist magazine, because you're awe struck by his knowledge of printing machine technology.

So are these just the rantings of a slightly older inward investment professional, jealous of Johnny's youthful energy and technical know-how? I sincerely hope not. The Social Media Marketer's technical expertise is a key part of the successful inward investment marketing team, but in the end the key to success is the quality of the content you're creating and sharing. And this is a matter for the whole team, from senior management down. It isn't just Johnny's problem.

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