Why Your Inward Investment Agency Needs an Effective 'Content Marketing' Strategy...

Tuesday 29 September 2015
As a specialist Inward Investment Marketing company, we like to keep an eye on how Investment Promotion Agencies are marketing their countries, states or regions, including any new website developments.And one thing that keeps surprising us is the number of agencies that are still launching 'static', 'brochure style' websites that ignore the importance of effective Content Marketing in modern marketing, including inward investment promotion.

What is Content Marketing for Inward Investment Promotion?

In summary, Content Marketing involves the creation and continual online distribution (via social media and e-mail) of valuable and relevant content (e.g. text, data, graphics or video) to attract your target audience, engage their interest and, ultimately, win their business (or, in our case, business investment).

It involves putting your 'Blog' or 'News' feed at the heart of your website (i.e. making it 'dynamic', not just 'static'). And it means having a clear content creation strategy - to communicate your location solutions to prospective inward investors systematically and effectively.

Why does Content Marketing work for Inward Investment Promotion?

Content Marketing works because it boosts your search engine profile (SEO) significantly, and focuses on projecting valuable 'solutions' (which businesses want), rather than traditional sales messages (which, increasingly, businesses ignore).

In the specific context of inward investment promotion, it helps national and regional agencies to nurture and build relationships with companies between meetings or trade shows, and to keep business decision makers continually up to date with your regional developments and location solutions. That's important, because landing inward investments can take some time, in the face of stiff competition. An effective Content Marketing campaign can be the best way of ensuring that business decision makers don't forget about your location, and why it aligns with their needs more effectively than your competitors.

Projecting your Location Solutions...

So, if you're an inward investment agency planning your new website or online strategy, remember than an old-style, static 'brochure' website will do nothing for your online profile. Instead, think of your website as the publishing platform you use to take your 'location solutions' to businesses - through an effective, sustained, Content Marketing strategy.

Nick Smillie
MD, Clarity, Inward Investment Marketing

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